Summertime Story Slamming

On the second Tuesday evening of the month I host Story Slam in the Park at our own special “IT” spot, Cafe Haven

Writer and raconteur, Susan Hagan, brought Story Slam to Edmonton nearly five years ago.  Hailing from NYC and Vancouver, Story Slam is a great community builder, bringing together the potent combination of creative and original story-telling (up to 10 readers), an appreciative audience (5 of whom are invited to judge, and all who contribute $5 to the hat for the winner) , in a fine ambiance of good food and drink.  Stories are limited to 5 minutes with point penalties for going over time. 

After attending Edmonton’s Slam for a few years, with Susan’s support and Cafe Haven’s generous and dogged determination to accommodate their furnishings and sound system before every event – we launched in February, 2010 to great success. 

Last night I hosted our only summer slam as we’ll break for August and resume in September, building momentum for the championship “SLAM OFF” in December or January.  Five stories and a Cafe full of story slammers… a great way to welcome in summer.

Check out my EVENTS page for more information on Story Slam, and SWEET for a writeup on Cafe Haven.

Bring a story!  Bring a friend!  Bring a friend with a story! 

About Katharine Weinmann

living and leading with courage, clarity, compassion and creativity
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