Grape Dope…the creative process at work

A gorgeous, sunny day with a window of time before boarding one of the river boats for the “must see” tour of Chicago’s architecture.  A brisk walk along Michigan Avenue and I was at Millenium Park, a perfect place to pass the time.  I “sussed out” the Art Institute’s admission and check-in criteria, and featured exhibits, and then made my way back to the park via the Nichols Bridgeway, snapping a few skyline shots along the way. 

Chicago SkyScape from Nichols Bridgeway

Millenium Park Day Lilies

A short meander through a garden wild with day lilies, asters, clover, and herbs –  to then take a center seat at the outdoor Jay Pritzker Pavillion  for the noon hour “Edible Audible Picnic” concert featuring Grape Dope, two electronica jazz artists. 

Perspectives with Panache, 2010

Jay Pritzker Pavillion

Grape Dope

The music said it all, as the guys  bent over their technology, bopped to the beat, the only apparent connection to an audience, mixed in both age and appreciation.  

Intent to find my way into the heavy grooves, I resorted to a painting technique I learned when studying with a well-known artist a few years back.  Eileen encouraged taking pen and paper to draw in response music: a freeing way to access creativity by engaging several senses while bypassing one’s inner voice of criticism.  Pen in hand, I sketched, coloured, then water brushed my Grape Dope, totally immersed in the experience.



How do you engage in your creative process in a way that totally immerses you in the experience?

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2 Responses to Grape Dope…the creative process at work

  1. heatherplett says:

    Ooo… I have to try that creative process! I like it!

    Did you check out the huge faces in Millennium Park? If you have a chance, go see them at dusk – they’re AMAZING! I didn’t know about them the first time I was in Chicago and came across them just as the sun was setting. I just stood there in pure, unadulterated wonder.

    A few of my pictures from my last trip to Chicago are here (when I wandered around Millennium Park in the fog and rain – another great way to see the park because there are so few other people who’ll risk getting wet!).

    • Are these the ones on the tall brick fountains close to Michigan? If so, yes, when it’s hot they have water coming from the “mouths” and everyone is cooling off in the wading pool – a real gathering spot.

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