Joy in the Little Things…

…like waking up before the alarm and going to my yoga mat awake. 

…taking our “kids with fur” for an early morning walk while it was cool and quiet, before people had headed out to work. 

…sitting outside in the sunshine enjoying a “deep breakfast” with my new friend (by “new” I mean that our collegial relationship of many years is now transitioning to a friendship where we anticipate sharing conversation on our notions of feminine wisdom and leadership, how our ways of knowing inform and influence our lives, the claiming of the sacred in work space, and other juicy stuff like where to buy the best premixed bellinis: Sobey’s Western Cellar.) 

…having a delightful server, who totally “got” that my request for a martini at 9:30 am, was the perfect antidote to driving from the far south end of the city (I’d left a message, never received, that we meet at Cora’s) to the High Lever Diner, and then three times around the block to find a legal parking spot.  She offered me a liqueur-laced coffee instead.  That’s a woman’s knowing! 

…skyping with my parents in Niagara, the first we’d talked since I got home from Chicago.  Bless the man who invented SKYPE and keeps the video calling free. 

…sitting out in my backyard, listening to the water fountain and birds, as I write this new post. 

…and this gift from my new friend. 

Joy in the Little Things

Thank you, K, for the reminder.

About Katharine Weinmann

living and leading with courage, clarity, compassion and creativity
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