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From Sweet to Belleatsimo 

I’ve just changed the name of my “foodie” page to Belleatsimo, my play on the Italian word for beautiful, bellissimo.  

A while back, Mary Bailey, one of Edmonton’s food mavens, sommeliers, author and publisher of a seasonal magazine devoted to all local things food and drink, held a competition for the magazine’s new name.  Delighted with my ingenuity, I submitted BELLEATSIMO, ever hopeful it would win me, The Scientist and two lucky friends a dinner at one of our swell eateries.  I didn’t win.  Next thing I knew, Mary had named the paper The Tomato.”  I’m a fan Mary, but Tomato?!?  I just didn’t get it.  It didn’t connect with what I read in the magazine: the wine and beer and chocolate and recipes and restaurants and where to shop and what to cook with what and who’s cooking where, aaaaaannnd, seems to me, we have a heck of a time even growing tomatoes here.  

Anyway, I still thought BELLEATSIMO was a cool name, so I just registered it as a domain for one of those “what if” possibilities down the road, and thought I’d debut it here. 

Check it out for the Chicago finds mentioned in my recent posts.  

On the patio at Quartino's, Chicago



Perspectives with Panache…a creative expression of Panache Consulting  

This is where I feature my photo greeting card collections and other such works.  Mounted on acid-free, watercolour weight, deckle-edged cards, with matching envelopes, they are $4.00 each, 10 for $35.00, plus GST, S&H.  

I’ve uploaded some pictures from the “NAMASTE” collection, an eastern influenced, meditative theme, and some customer favourites. 

 For inquiries and orders, please see my CONTACT page. 

Here and Beyond

Unfolding Possibilities

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One Response to Keeping Current – PAGE updates

  1. heatherplett says:

    Looking good! Lots of interesting things going on over here!

    And I would have chosen Belleatsimo too.

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