Abundance…having, knowing, being

On my birthday five years ago, my dear friend, M, created an early morning celebration for me.  We were sharing a room at the lovely Ghost River Learning Centre, there to facilitate a leadership retreat (and to receive the wonderful birthday gift of finally being invited to work there!)  It was before dawn, the room was dark, lit only by the candles she had arranged to surprise, welcome and fete me on the anniversary of my birth.  Among the several thoughtful and specially chosen gifts was her offer that I select a card from her Angel deck, a word to ground and guide me through the day. 

Delighted with my choice, ABUNDANCE, I knew it’d be a reminder of my intent for the next years, to have abundance… and financial prosperity.  I clipped the card to my day-timer, moving it forward with the commencement of every week, the gesture providing a moment of reflection on the word and my intention.  After a year or so, I enveloped the card in transparent tape to better preserve it. 

Birthday Angel Card

A while back, I’m not sure when, I experienced a subtle but very significant shift. It became less about the intention to have abundance, and more about the realization that I already have it.  In fact, I came to see that I have an abundance of abundance – of health, loving relationships with my family and friends, meaningful work, a home, good food, time to pursue my creative interests, space, peace and quiet, freedom, and on, and on…

And then I came to know something even more significant: that I not only HAVE an abundance of abundance, but that I AM abundance.  This shift, in a deeply held self-belief, is truly transformative because it means that in a blink of my eye, shake of my head, or snap of my fingers, I can choose to see and know – right now – life as a banquet table that I need only step up to, partake and enjoy.  Or I can remain back in my old belief, longing and envious.  And that choice, too, is abundance.

Enlightened Abundance

Once a week I receive Dewitt Jone’s Photo of CelebrationDewitt is an award-wining photographer, once with the famed National Geographic, now producing his own videos, which portray celebration, possibility, perspective, curiosity and always, always joy.  He uses his photography as a metaphor to support corporate leaders and employees in much the same way that David Whyte uses his poetry, and Michael Jones  uses his music…each use their authentic “voice” to inspire, invite, serve.

Today, as I was sitting down to write this post on Abundance, this is what I received from Dewitt:

In a tiny pond, layer upon layer of beauty.
As Elizabeth Browning penned:
“Earth’s crammed with heaven”.
It’s there for us to see if we take the time to look. 


What a brilliant manifestation of abundance!!!!  

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living and leading with courage, clarity, compassion and creativity
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4 Responses to Abundance…having, knowing, being

  1. heatherplett says:

    I chose “journey” as my word for 2010 – and look where I am now! Words/intentions have power! Be careful what you wish for. 🙂

    The new digs looks great.

  2. sue boo says:

    ah- lovely katharine dear! a beautiful sentiment and so true! i have signed up for dewit jones’ celebrate photos!
    with gratitude and blessings of abundance for all…

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