Amazing Grace

My trip to Canmore coincided with its hosting of the 20th annual Highland Games.  The big weather we saw from the mountains the day before, blew into town bringing winds and rain that threatened to topple the dozens of tents and which did relocate the dancing competition indoors. 

After a wonderful dinner the evening before at the Sage Bistro, I took a leisurely morning and wandered over to the park, in full rain and wind proof gear complete with my new rain boots (my contribution to “fling”), just in time for the afternoon opening ceremonies.  

Then, warmed by the winnings of a blind scotch tasting contest – I sussed out the Famous Grouse – and a bit of black pudding and chips, I caught the end of the Irish Washer Maid and the beginning of the Horn Blower dances.  My timing was perfect as I was in the right place and time for the finale: the gathering of the hundred plus pipes and drums, amidst this now brilliantly sunny day, to play Amazing Grace.   

Surrounded by the rising crescendo of those drones and drums, the colourful clan plaids, and a palpable renewed cultural pride, I felt touched by grace and gratitude for having been in this place.

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4 Responses to Amazing Grace

  1. Kathy says:

    What is it about bagpipes that touches my soul, and brings tears to my eyes? Two significant memories: Being piped up the ramp at my high school graduation dinner, and being welcomed to Scotland at the Train station by a bagpiper, these moments I will not forget.
    Grace: undeserved favour, blessing, kindness, beauty. It is still difficult for me to really articulate what grace is. I only know that I pursue grace, and seek to be a vessel of grace to others. By sharing your moment of grace-you have passed it on. Thank you!

    • I’ve been pondering “grace” since writing about it during my time in Canmore. So thank you, Kathy, for its definition. Like you, I’m inarticulate, perhaps given what I would describe as its “ephemeral”, “essential”, “beyond and before words” quality. And maybe this is why the bagpipes resonate so deeply…it goes right under explanation, logic, to a primal essence. There is some kind of correspondence or alignment here for me. Thank you for taking a moment to comment.

  2. Mom says:

    Love your boots!!! And are’nt the bagpipes wonderfull? Your Dad and I just love to hear them. Wonder if there is some “Scot” in this family. Have a great day, and by the way, your photos are great. Love you, Mom

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