Looking Back to Look Ahead

If you’ve been reading along since I began my foray into blogging in July, you might recall the earliest posts when I mentioned attending the 10th Anniversary of the ALIA Summer Institute, my professional community of practice.  I wrote about my realization that being there in Halifax was my threshold for this period of time away and it was there that I coined the phrase ”joyful trepidation” (or “trepiditious joy” – depending on the day) to describe my concurrent feelings.

Usually I spend the summer after the event, sitting in my back yard, steeping in that rich learning experience, reviewing in my notes, journals, and books.  Such was not the case this summer. Perhaps because we didn’t have summer, at least not one warm enough to sit outside for any length of time.  So it was only last week that I looked back at my notes.  These were my first day’s themes:

  • Vulnerability is the starting point and ground for authentic leadership. (Michael Chender)
  • Authenticity is a direction, a journey that allows us to engage powerfully and joyfully with whatever emerges. (Michael Chender)
  • The willingness to see clearly what is. (Otto Scharmer)
  • We need to connect to one another in different ways, to walk in each other’s shoes, to see through another’s eyes, to drop into deeper levels of awareness where new ideas and actions emerge. (Otto Scharmer)
  • Develop flexibility in perception and action to influence a future you can’t predict or control. (Glenda Eoyang)

Reflecting on my posts over these last two months, I see an alignment and feel encouraged, yet again, with how deeply my ALIA experience settles into my being, provoking my process, substantiating my already present curiosities and perplexities.

I wrote the following poem early during that week in June.  We were outside with our facilitators, Glenda Eoyang and Wendy Morris, having just completed our creative movement exercises – an integral part of the ALIA learning container – and were invited to reflect and journal our insights.  At the same time, participants from another module were outside practicing their peaceful warrior stances under the tutelage of Aikido Master, Bob Wing.  The quintessential  ALIA moment, when the seemingly disparate converge to inspire and create something new.

YAH!!! (the deep belly sound of an Aikido warrior with her “bokken” or wooden sword)

YAH!!!   live boldly  

take a stand

move towards

fierce, determined

joyful warrior

YAH!!!  I hear the drum beat, hand clap

skipping purposefully with

abandon, Nature as my ground

Sky as my backdrop

YAH!!!   I say YES to Life

I waver with uncertainty

I breathe deep

I bow deeper

I surrender head to heart to Will

Jump in

Be Free

Live   Love   with Joy   NOW

About Katharine Weinmann

living and leading with courage, clarity, compassion and creativity
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2 Responses to Looking Back to Look Ahead

  1. Oh – that brings back SUCH good memories! What a transformative experience! Thank you.

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