People who…

In less than twenty-four hours I‘ve had the privilege to be in the very good company of some very amazing people from across Alberta.

People who bring their passion, integrity, kindness and extraordinary competencies to supporting leaders to be courageous and steadfast, to building resilient and thriving communities, to coaching for accountable and fully engaged employees, and to guiding systemic change and innovation. 

People who see possibility and potential in the face of chaos and uncertainty, who assume that wisdom is held by all and not the purview of a select few, and who are attentive, creative, and resourceful. 

People who persevere, risk pushing and riding the edges, who rely on heart and soul, intuition and guts to inform their thinking.

People who are committed to purposeful and wise action, and who inspire others to the same.

People who change the world, one invitation, one question, one conversation, one action, one hug, one dream at a time.

People who bring their best to the world, for the world.

Thank you.

About Katharine Weinmann

living and leading with courage, clarity, compassion and creativity
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2 Responses to People who…

  1. sue boo says:

    so who were all these remarkable and amazing alberta people and what were you doing with them in the short space of 24hours????????

    • Hi Sue,
      A gathering of process artist-facilitator types, most of whom have Art of Hosting experience – intent to create a local community of practice. And then a full day visioning retreat with several leadership coaches – invited to participate with an eye to joining them. Splendid all the way around!

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