The Land of Enchantment

That’s New Mexico’s slogan on the bottom of its license plates.  The running joke among us this time – The Scientist and our dear friends – is where I’d like to live next.  So far I’ve claimed the mountains to quell a deep heart yearning from years gone by.  And I’ve always been in love with the wide-open vistas, big skies and desert mountain landscapes of Arizona.  And it fits another dream – to eat all meals al fresco for at least four consecutive months, and NOT be plagued by insects and wind.  And as I discovered in May when I made a quick trip down to attend a family wedding at a vineyard in the southeast corner, Arizona makes some pretty fine wines.  But there is something captivating about living in a place called the “Land of Enchantment.”

Yesterday, we’ve traipsed around Albuquerque’s Old Town.  The art, pottery, baskets, rugs and jewellery were overwhelming in beauty, volume and yes, price! 

A Mexican lunch in the courtyard of the Church Street Café and dinner at The Standard Diner, an original 1930’s Standard Oil gas station converted a few years back and featured on The Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.”  Tempura lobster Caesar salad, blue crab-cakes with golden beet slaw, the famed Finer Diner meatloaf and garlic smashed potatoes, and fish and chips sated our appetites.

Today my Dream Tour continued as we drove an hour’s north up the interstate to Santa Fe.  Being a bit higher in elevation meant the cottonwoods were touched with gold, in contrast to the desert palms, Ponderosa pines, cedar and sagebrush. 

Warm and sunny with azure blue skies… a perfect day to wander among the shops and galleries around the plaza, visit the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, and take some photos.  A great lunch at The Shed and siesta cocktails on the rooftop bar at Santa Fe’s famous Coyote Cafe

Along the way I collected an array of free-for-the-taking full colour gallery magazines and postcards to invite muse and inspiration for my own coming adventure into the creative process. 

Even though I’m the recipient of this good-natured ribbing right now, I love my dreams and the possibility of “what if?” and “what next?” (Hey, it’s free!)  Right now, I love our home in our little park-like neighborhood, with the best café and all my amenities within walking and bike-riding distance.  I love living close to a city rich in friendship, culture, great food, galleries, live music and beautiful parks, all accessible and affordable.  Right now, I’m staying put, but who knows “what next?”

Dancing on Water

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4 Responses to The Land of Enchantment

  1. Susan Sereda says:

    Dreams and wishes lead to thoughts and ideas and thoughts and ideas lead to plans and action- look at where you are now !
    Hope you are doing lots of walking to counteract those fabulous meals!
    Happy Trails – Susan

    • Yes, need to walk as there has been a lot of driving. Now that I’m at the site for my workshop, I’ll be walking more, and we’re just minutes from the Taos plaza and all the amazing galleries.
      Thanks for writing, Susan.

  2. Kerry-Ann says:


    Thank you for sharing your pictures and experiences! I do hope you continue to enjoy your adventure! Lots of hugs and kisses! K

    • Thanks so much for taking a moment to peek and comment, Kerry Ann. I’ve been having several of those “pinch me” moments, almost surreal to be here. The colours in Taos are beautiful, the painting starts tonight. Love to you…

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