Taos Reveals

We bid adieu to our friends yesterday morning and made our way further north to Taos.  Again a shifting landscape as mountains became a more prominent background vista and trees more apparent and diverse.  The brilliant golds and now reds and roses shimmered against the blue sky and white clouds.  It reminded us, both in appearance and feel, of Nelson, BC.

We joined the Sunday brunch crowd on the patio at the local favourite Bent Street Café, serenaded by a guitarist-vocalist.  Sweet and soothing to have her easy folk rock songs accompany my first americano of the trip, and the sun’s warmth on our arms and faces.  A slow meander in and out of shops and galleries, and I quickly determined my favourites:

 The Yarn Shop with its multicoloured skeins hanging outside and on the doorframe  happily welcomed me in.

Common Thread Uncommon Fabric  , a rainbow of quality fabrics and notions from around the world, artfully displayed among Eastern statuettes and silk flowers.

Weaving Southwest, a Taos institution devoted to the teaching, showing and selling of contemporary fine art tapestries, hand woven rugs, blankets and wearables.  Conceived of by Rachel Brown, a renowned, self-taught weaver, and now lovingly tended to by her granddaughter Teresa Loveless, who grew up among the wool and looms.

Vibrancy of colour, varied textures, depth, flow, and the unexpected combinations among these elements are emerging as the essence of my creative palate…its expression yet to be revealed. 

But in response to this thought from the Brihaduranyaha Upanishad, quoted in my companion, The Art of Pilgrimage“You are what your deep driving desire is,” I wrote:

 An artist-dancer in and of Life.

About Katharine Weinmann

living and leading with courage, clarity, compassion and creativity
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2 Responses to Taos Reveals

  1. Kathy T says:

    Indeed, your descriptions and pictures make New Mexico look like the land of enchantment. I want to reach out and touch the fabric and wools, they look so inviting, a feast for the eyes. What a beautiful place to nurture your inner artist, and let the creative juices flow. Enjoy!

    • Thought of you, Kathy, as I went into a fabric, weave shop that had felted wools – the current thing- and there were some pins made from pieces looking so much like the one you brought me from Scotland. It’s truly an exquisite place with so much creative expression—books and magazines, just full of the different artists, galleries, possibilities. It would take days to see it all.

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