The Point Zero Process

“It’s just a stupid piece of paper.”
“You cannot make a mistake.”
“Be inconsistent.”
“Paint simple.”
“What would you paint if it didn’t matter?”
“What would you paint if you could be really, really bad?”
“Your painting doesn’t mean anything.”

What the hell am I doing here? 

After five days of painting, hitting my own personal wall of resistance several times already, yesterday I was plagued with this thought.

What was I thinking to come here and be among thirty-five others most of whom have painted with Michele in this Point Zero way for many years?

Inadequate.  Stupid.  Way out of my league.  Impatient.  Especially ridiculous to think I could ever teach this method when I can’t get out of my way to paint a simple dot, line or colour.


I had made this pilgrimage to surrender to the Mystery, the Unknown inside each of us, around and through us, to paint true.  And yesterday, when Michele offered, “Be inconsistent” I realized that in the so-called beauty and balance of what I was painting, I’d lost the vitality, life, and energy.  Instead of being naked in my vulnerability of not knowing, my mind was becoming attached to the images and the imagined story of the painting.

Self-disappointment – doubt – criticism.

Write it out.  Take a shower.  Paint through dinner and beyond, in the silence of a quiet studio, with a few compadres on the path, each of us finding our own way back home with every brush stroke.

Early in the morning, the day after a full moon hidden deep within the last night’s clouds, I walked the labyrinth by the studio, reciting aloud the meditation on Loving Kindness.  I found my way to the centre surprisingly fast, even though my steps were easy and rhythmic.

May I carry this experience with me into the process today.

“Be simple.”
“Be real.”
“Be human.”
“Let it come.”

About Katharine Weinmann

living and leading with courage, clarity, compassion and creativity
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6 Responses to The Point Zero Process

  1. Kate I says:

    Katherine, thanks for the comment to my comment on Heathers site re: blogging. I’m happy to have found you!

    This painting workshop on the zero point process looks wonderful (and scary!) and something that I’d love to do. I’ve been over to Michele’s site to check out the courses and her process…it all looks so interesting. I think for me the scary part about something like this is that I’ll take down all the wall/barriers etc, and find there’s nothing in there…zip, zero, nada! Intellectually, I know that’s unlikely but emotionally….another matter altogether!

    • Hi Kate, this is the best of the best of blogging – when I comment to another responder and we then can get a dialogue going. So thank you for this.
      Believe me, there is always something in this Point Zero work, you will get out of the way and there is much, so much. When you get there it is PURE Creativity, aka the Source, Mystery, Unknown or one might say even God that is painting through you…we become the hollow reeds…the painting instrument. I can’t say that I have fully experienced this…or maybe I have…it’s ineffable – trying to put words to the wordless. Not always an easy process, and my “landing” is always interesting. I may be able to write about that in a bit. Again, thank you, and namaste.

  2. Beautiful post, Katherine. Sometimes we just have to be broken open, don’t we? I’m feeling similarly raw after an amazing and profound workshop with Christina Baldwin. Still processing and not quite ready to write about it yet.

  3. C says:

    Perhaps it’s the colour choice you’ve been given.. the ones in the picture are certainly not YOUR colours. Heh if ‘Lucy’ at the zoo can do it you can too. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, feel the calm, do you see vertical or horizontal lines, keep your eyes closed (if you must) and just start. It’s ok. Take another deep breath if you must… and enjoy the experience.

    • My photo really did noi justice to the full range of colours we have, and of course the endless possibilities to mix. It’s coming….all part of the process…and I thank you, C, for your support and encouragement from afar!

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