Sixteen Yarns

We gathered in circle.  Sixteen highly skilled facilitators, conversation hosts, community developers, coaches.  Newer faces and the not so new. 

Monthly we meet and have been for nearly a year.  Each time we are received into one of our homes, refreshed with food and wine, welcomed into an intentional space created for conversation, reflection, and support.

We each arrive intent to shape a community of practice from which we can better offer our gifts to the world.  Learning together process skills and theories to help us work within growing complexities and uncertainties, to find patterns for subtle shiftings, to sense emergence of the new, the necessary.

That evening as co-host, I invited each person to share a word or phrase that reflected their curiosity and attention as we moved into our work together, weaving and story telling.  Below are their words – italicized – the sixteen yarns from which I wove this poem:

Another learning experience, bold with anticipation and awe.

An engaged community inspired by the virtues of beauty, hope and simplicity.

Texture foretells of mystery and transformation.

Beauty, the loom for creativity.

Inspiration, the weft.

We, the woof.


About Katharine Weinmann

living and leading with courage, clarity, compassion and creativity
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2 Responses to Sixteen Yarns

  1. Kathy T says:

    Your skillful weaving has given voice to both individual longing and commitment to community. It reminds me of what Margaret Wheatley says about our two needs for authentic identity while also belonging to a community. May we continue to hold these two longings together on our journey to wholeness.

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