Warriors of the Light

Last Friday I met my friend, K, for one of our regular breakfast conversations.  Borrowing from the title of Ray Lynch’s classic “new age” album, Deep Breakfast is what I like to call such morning gatherings shared in thoughtful, evocative conversation over a wholesome breakfast. 

Like me, K is on leave, engaged in her own journey of inquiry as she completes her PhD.  This breakfast was especially significant, my “send-off”, scheduled a short time before I embark on an adventure of a lifetime (more about that later).  As we talked about our feelings, questions, and insights, K shared wisdom from her own story, and that of Paulo Coehlo’s The Alchemist.  I left inspired to re-read my own copy, and then found its companion manual, Warriors of the Light, on my bookshelf.  Subtitled “short notes on accepting failure, embracing life, and rising to your destiny,” Coehlo offers guidance to those of us committed to realizing our “Personal Legacy” …those who he calls “Warriors of the Light.”  I found the following passage (12) heartening as I encounter the full range of joyful trepidation in anticipation of my departure:

Warriors of the Light always have a certain gleam in their eyes.

They are of this world.  They are part of the lives of other people and they set out on their journey with no saddlebags and no sandals.  They are often cowardly.  They do not always make the right decision.

They suffer over the most trivial things:  they have mean thoughts and sometimes believe they are incapable of growing.  They frequently deem themselves unworthy of any blessing or miracle.

They are not always quite sure of what they are doing here.  They spend many sleepless nights, believing that their lives have no meaning.

That is why they are Warriors of the Light.  Because they make mistakes, because they ask themselves questions, because they are looking for a reason they are sure to find it.

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4 Responses to Warriors of the Light

  1. sue boo says:

    katharine dear,
    first, when our kids lived at home, everyday derek played Deep Breakfast as a morning ritual of rousing them for school in the morning and getting them downstairs for breakfast!!

    and what inspiration! especially since this morning i was on a teleseminar with Bill Torbert and Mary Stacey on the action inquiry developmental leadership model, one of the rare pinnacles being alchemist. AND as i await an interview for a position in an organizatoin that i think would be a grand developmental opportunity for me to see if there really is any alchemist in me… so many synchronicities!

    i am passing your sharing along to my group of shamanic grandmothers as we plan the next shamanic convergence in nova scotia for september.

    for some reason i have never quite gotten to read those books by paulo coehlo even tho i think i have a copy of the alchemist on my bookshelf. it has just moved to the top of my list.

    big hugs,

  2. Kathy T says:

    These two books by Paolo Coelho never cease to speak just the right words of wisdom to me, for the moment. Whenever I do the Warrior pose in Yoga, I claim my identity as a warrior of the light, learning, growing stronger, fighting for what I believe in, making my contribution despite failures, setups and opposition. Above all, warriors of the light need fellow warriors to share the journey with. Thanks for being such a companion.

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