Mi Dispiacere

It was 10:30 Tuesday evening in Bologna when I began writing this post. I’d gone to bed early after a full day of walking, gallery viewing, question asking, picture taking and dinner making.  A day of several “firsts”:

  • I timed my walk to the train station for my weekend departure to Venice and inquired about day trip trains to Ravenna and Verona.
  • I bought my first item of clothes – black tights – as it’s refreshingly cold.  It’s season end and every shop window advertises a sale but my bag is full and I’m not yet ready to leave behind pieces I’ll need.
  • I ordered my first panini bresaola e te caldo from one of the hundreds of bars along the streets. 
  • I acquired an Italian phone number for my German “handy” (cell phone).

As I logged on, I saw the CBC links to the earthquake in Christchurch and increasing volatility in Liberia.  Today I deciphered more details of tragedy and uncertainty.  Personally, I’m holding in prayer a dear friend whose husband is passing. 

Of the many paintings I viewed Tuesday, this one in particular stirred me, in reverberation: ”Santa Maria Maddalena piangente” (Sainte Mary Magdalene crying) painted by Luca Signorelli from Cortona, 1450 ca. – 1523.

 Mi dispiacere.  I am sorry.

About Katharine Weinmann

living and leading with courage, clarity, compassion and creativity
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