Si, Living the Dream

Basilicia St. Vitale

Instead of making a day trip to Verona, I chose to sleep in and “mozy” around Bologna today.  (Yesterday I went to Ravenna, on the Adriatic coast, to see beautiful, ancient mosaics.)  After a short yoga practice and simple breakfast of rice pudding with fresh fruit (I thought I’d bought vanilla yogurt!!!) and a café latte, I was intent to find the little shop I stumbled upon my first day that sold the work of local artisans, in particular “earthy,” hand-fired ceramic zodiac pendants.  And I needed to overcome my reluctance to eat out alone.  I now knew, first hand, this particular challenge of traveling solo as a woman. 

While I was enjoying cooking with fresh market ingredients in my little kitchen, I knew to do justice to my experience in Bologna – famous for so much of what we consider la cucina italianamortadello, proscuitto, tortellini, tortelone, ragu, lasagna, formaggio parmigiano, aceto balsamico, vino sangiovese – I needed to savour from the hands of an expert chef.  After a few wrong turns, I found my way to la Drogheria Della Rosa. 

From My Table

There, I was seated at a comfortable table for two, by the window.  Given I was the only patron for a while, I was at ease taking in the ambiance enhanced by opera playing in the background…a “pinch me” moment…the stuff of dreams!  Soon I began an exquisite journey of the palate into traditional Bolognese cuisine.

First, a light, fruity prosecco to prepare the palate.  Then antipasti, a platter of salume – mortadella, proscuitto and salami – with bread.  A primo of tagliatelle e ragu, and a secondo of steak with balsamic sauce, grilled potatoes and radicchio, and sautéed spinach…accompanied by a velvety sangiovese wine.  The owner, Emanuelle, welcomed everyone with wine glass in hand, and held court from my table where we conversed in a broken italiano-inglese “Provare”…we try

A couple of hours later I walked outside into the sunshine, una rosa gialla in my hand, Bolognese wine and food in my belly, and joy in my heart.  

Soon enough, I found the art store, Artigian Arte, by one of the two famous towers.  And too, an invitation to a free yoga class tonight literally steps down the street from my apartment. 

Un giorno perfetto in Bologna.

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2 Responses to Si, Living the Dream

  1. Kerry-Ann says:

    Dear Katharine,
    Your words have truly created dream like pictures in my head. For a moment I was swepped away to a time and place that I have never been but only in my imagination. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

    Thank you for sharing all you experiences. I love every moment!

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