Sophia Rises: Changing the World with Feminine Wisdom

A few months ago I had the great priviledge of being invited to contribute a piece to the e-book, Sophia Rises: Changing the World with Feminine Wisdom, created by my friend, Heather Plett

Called “Visionary Dreams… a wise-dame myth,” I  used a variation on a favourite artform: collage.  From titles on my bookshelves, limited to what I could easily see, I composed this myth, similar to how I create a collage from found words and pictures.  I call my picture collages “Dharma Perspectives” because simple truths emerge from what is, reconfigured in a new context, seen in a new light.

Today, the 1ooth anniversary of International Women’s Day, Heather is launching this beautiful and inspiring compilation of writing and art from women and men around the world. Heather’s creative flare was enhanced by the design expertise of her friend, Segun Olude.

I hope you visit her site to take a look and a free download:

About Katharine Weinmann

living and leading with courage, clarity, compassion and creativity
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