Relaxing in Rønde

I’m spending a quiet Sunday at K’s home in Rønde, a small community outside of Äarhus, in Jutland, or mainland Denmark.  I arrived yesterday having travelled by train from Copenhagen through an early spring light and landscape of tilled fields, red tile-roofed towns, woods, and power windmills. 

Aarhus from the Aros

Met at the train station by K waving a red Danish flag, we walked over to the ARoS Kunstmuseum to see Jorn International, a collection of masterpieces by world famous Danish artist, Asger Jorn.   The gallery was filled with Danes of all ages admiring, perplexing and interpreting the canvases of images and stokes of bold, vivid and dynamic colour.  Again, for me as with Bob Dylan’s exhibition,  a striking contrast to much of the religious themed and coloured art I’d seen over the past weeks.

I unpacked a bit, took a power-nap swaddled on her sofa in a soft woolen blanket, and then enjoyed a home-cooked dinner of a pillau from Zanzibar (K, a retired teacher, has traveled the world extensively, often on her own, and now works as a tour guide who brings her love of research, learning and fluency in several languages to enrich her clients’ travelling experiences.), arugula and tomato salad, with a nice merlot.  A woman after my heart, she’d made a simple traditional dessert of red currants picked from her garden, topped with crème fraiche. 

Kalo Slot

I awoke early to birdsong, a welcome sign of spring.  A breakfast of a soft-cooked egg, cheese, toast and  homemade marmalade made from crab-apples and Mirebelle plums  – “125% organic,” says K – fuelled the reserves for the two hour round trip walk  across the seaside flats to the Kalø Slot castle ruins and back home through one of the two surrounding forests. 

The subdued morning light, pale palette of the landscape, still mirror-like bay on which white swans and seagulls floated, and wooded paths were a quiet respite after a city’s pace and intensity.

As I write, K is preparing the curry sauce for the cod she bought fresh today from the local fishmonger.   Her friend and former principal and his wife will be joining us for dinner.  He shares my love of Italy and since retirement has been travelling annually to Florence with his wife,  developing a fluency in la bella lingua, while she paints.  It’s sure to be a lovely internationally flavoured evening.

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3 Responses to Relaxing in Rønde

  1. Terri Songbird says:

    Hi Kath… I too am cozied in,, having a little bit of empty nest,,,, Amy just left a little while ago,, and big change in the house,, quiet,,, from last nights laughter and fun

    continued good blessings to you

    with much love for you,, Terri Songbird

  2. Mom says:

    Good day my beauty–sounds as if your trip continues to be “wonderful”. I am so glad that all is going well for you. Went to Terri’s for corn beef and cabbage along with William, Sarah Jane, Scott and even Amy was home for the day. A real bonus as we haven’t seen her since Christmas. Then a game of cards (pay me) and your father was the big winner! of about $2.00 I think. I so look forward to your blogs–keep them coming. Love you so much, Mom

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