A Month of Wednesdays

Wednesdays seem to be my “marker days.”  A month ago today I left home for my trip abroad.  The second Wednesday I was in Bologna, prima bella città italiana.  The third Wednesday I departed Venice for my German “home” in Waldkirch.  And last week, the fourth Wednesday, I flew to Copenhagen.  Today I’m “in between,” having arrived back “home” last night after a long day of traveling from Denmark, to do laundry, banking, skype with my family and prepare for our weekend in Paris. 

During this month I have traveled many miles by plane, train, bus, boat, and foot.  I love train travel…no hassles with security, weight limits, and wondering if and where I’ve packed my liquids and sharp objects.  (I got delayed going through security in Basel last week as the x-ray saw something in my backpack.  The fellow searching gave up, I think in frustration and embarrassment, after going through the myriad of pockets.  It wasn’t until a couple of nights later in my Copenhagen hotel room, when I was cutting an apple with the pocket knife my nephew advised I take, that I realized this was most likely what he’d been looking for.  Am I ever glad he didn’t find and seize it, because yes, dear nephew, it’s coming in handy.)  

I love being on the water…from the vaporettos and traghettos of Venice, to the canal boat in the midst of a spring rain-sleet storm in Copenhagen. 

And I love to walk.  Having grown up sailing, skiing and later hiking and backpacking, I know how to pack for weather.  So despite the wind, rain and cold, the elements have been my companion on the cobblestone streets.  Quite possibly people thought me crazy in Copenhagen as I grinned from ear to ear walking in the pouring rain.  That’s what being in love does!

When I think about this past month, rich in sights, experiences, impressions, tastes, I am amazed with all that I’ve learned – three currencies; four “homes” worth of appliances, locks and lights; five countries of train, plane, boat and bus schedules; reading maps and following the self guided tours on my Kindle, so I get exactly where I intended to be.

And while this has been important and part of the reason I’m often tired at the end of a day, and so appreciative of having this “home base” in which to rest, reflect and renew, what I really know is that in this last month, I am living each and every day in and with trust, tenderness, levity and pure joy for myself and the world.  Each of my encounters is kind and joyful.  And the prayer I hold in my heart, that all beings be filled with loving kindness, be relieved of their suffering, and know peace, is what guides me, especially during these days of world tragedy and uncertainty.

Thank you, my family and friends, for your companionship so far, via my blog.  I love receiving your notes of encouragement, evoked memories, love and wisdom.  And as one of you sweetly said, “we all sleep under the same moon.”  Namaste.

About Katharine Weinmann

living and leading with courage, clarity, compassion and creativity
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8 Responses to A Month of Wednesdays

  1. The picture of you grinning from ear to ear in the rain made me smile. I have a similar picture of myself, last year in Chicago, wandering around Millennium Park under my umbrella, grinning and taking some of my favourite photos from that trip. After that I decided that I want to make a point of visiting touristy places in the rain. There are few other people there, and there’s a magical muted light you don’t get otherwise.

    • I remember a picture you took at the park in Chicago. I visited the same park on a drizzling day last summer. Loved Chicago – perhaps being raised across from one of those iconic Great Lakes cities imprinted a fondness.
      And yes…we will have to plan a rendezvous for that wine date!

  2. Tessie Smith says:

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Kathy, sounds like they don’t celebrate that one too much in Germany. It sure has been fun reading your blogs, I particularly enjoyed Copenhagen since i have never been there. Enjoy the rest of your trips,
    All the Best, Tessie

    • They did celebrate at the Guinness pubs in Paris, though! We arrived that evening, in the Latin Quarter, and saw lots of young students on the streets wearing Dr Seuss like green hats having a great time of it. Thank you for keeping me company, Tessie.

  3. Mom says:

    As we said in our skype to-day, cannot believe you have been gone for a month already! Reading your blogs and skyping with you makes me wonder, if when you are through with your “day job” whether you might become a tour guide or a restaurant critic. Feel certain that future endeavours will be food or travel related. Have a great time in Paris. Love you. Mom

  4. Kathy T says:

    Wow, it is hard to believe that a month has gone by! It seems like you have done so much. I was delighted to receive your postcard today, and to know that you are feeling divine guidance. You have put yourself out there to the universe, and found the universe to be a kind and trustworthy place to me. May you continue to experience love, joy and wonder in your journey through Europe, and to the depths of your soul. Namaste indeed.

    • So nice to hear from you, Kathy. Your talisman hides deep in the pocket of my bag and every now and then I pull it out, think of you, and appreciate its significance to us both. Thank you, my friend.

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