Hallelujah, Happy Easter

I didn’t “get” that I’d be celebrating Easter in Europe.  Even though I knew I’d be in Venice for the beginning of Carnevale, and back here in Waldkirch for the Black Forest pre Lent “Fastnet” celebrations, I simply didn’t realize that forty days later, it would be Easter and I’d be here.

Nor did I fully register that I’d be in Europe for my favourite season, spring.  Of course I was packing for three seasons: winter, spring and summer, but I was so preoccupied with the “first-time ever logistics” of managing two suitcases, catching a train from Frankfurt airport, getting to Italy, finding my way alone…that I didn’t connect the dots.  I’ve truly been “moving at the pace of guidance…sensing an emerging future.”

And what a future!  What a spring!  For at least seven weeks I’ve seen its emergence, from crocus to forsythia, anenome to dandelion, appleblossom to rosebud, magnolia to lilac. The rose-coloured cathedral steeple, at first in plain view from my place at “BellaThea’s” table, is now fully obscured by tree leaves. The pastures are speckled with grazing sheep, goats, horses and cows.  The terraced vineyards are greening up.

And birdsong.  Every morning since my trip in Denmark in early March, I’m awakened by the songs of warblers, doves, robins, cuckoos and other songbirds.  Bells and birdsong…my auditory memory of Europe.

This morning, Easter Sunday, the bells from every church chimed for at least thirty minutes in celebration of this sacred day. As I stood on the terrace listening with a heart full of joy and appreciation, I imagined the bells in every chapel, church and cathedral I’ve visited – in Bologna, Ravenna, Verona, Venice, Copenhagen, Paris, Cologne, Milan, Sienna, Lucca, Florence, Waldkirch, St.Peter – and knew that at that moment they, too,were ringing.  

Hallelujah!  The Christ has risen. 

Frohe Ostern! Buona Pasqua! Happy Easter!

About Katharine Weinmann

living and leading with courage, clarity, compassion and creativity
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4 Responses to Hallelujah, Happy Easter

  1. Abadi says:

    Dear Katharine,

    Have been so enjoying your travel blog, sending continuing good travels, where ever the heart takes you!

    It was wonder full to receive a post card from you mid-March from Denmark with all the faces of the divine shining through….it was most apro-po (phonetic), I have always wanted to visit there…. my paternal great grand father a…as they would have said then…was a bastard son of Danish Royalty, given a trade (wood worker) and sent on his way out of Denmark to homestead in Ardrossan!

    Much love, Abadi

    • Dear Abadi, I love that coincidence. Thank you for sharing it with me. My journeying is nearly complete with my third trip to Rome and Sicily beginning on Friday. Then to make the transition home. What an adventure! What a world! What blessings! Deep gratitude and love for it all. Katharine

  2. Dear Katherine:

    I received your lovely card today from Toscana.
    Thank you very much! What a nice surprise!
    I am following you on your blog and I read all your interesting stories. What an adventure! Good for you!! 🙂
    Looking forward chatting with you again sometime soon!
    Cheers and enjoy the rest of your trip!

    • Good to know the postal service is delivering, Claudia. Thanks for following along. Friday is my last foray to Italy…Roma, Napoli, Amalfia coast, Sorento and Sicilia and then home. Can hardly believe it is nearly time.

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