We All Need New Impressions

“We all need new impressions,” commented the lovely woman I met, together with her husband, a retired pediatrician, now become renowned artist.

We were sitting at the Rome airport gate, waiting for our much-delayed Easy-Jet flight to Basel.(I joked that Italy wasn’t quite ready to say “ciao” to me.)  I was concerned I might not make the connection to the airport bus to Freiburg.  Again blessed by the kindness of strangers, as he immediately offered to drive me to the Basel train station where there would be hourly trains to Freiburg.  And she, when we noticed the Easy-Jet “commandant” was measuring every questionable piece of carryon luggage, enforcing the 50 euro penalty for over size and over limit, put my purse in hers, as I re-jigged my “go everywhere” MEC backpack to fit.  All for naught as I arrived with fifteen minutes to spare for the next bus, and the “commandant” gave up her vigilant measuring, seeing the line was too long and time was running out for take-off.

New impressions.  “My cup runneth over” with new impressions, new experiences, new learnings.  People, places, food, language, stories, values, art, music, history, politics, current events, weather, plants, seasons, fashion.  As has often been my response to the great works of the masters, I am at a loss for words. 

Off and on as I’ve journeyed and rested, I’ve been reading Peggy Holman’s book Engaging EmergenceGiven that I framed this three-month adventure as my personal “deep dive into the U,” wherein I would intentionally be placing, or unexpectedly be finding myself in new contexts to experience, discover, learn, innovate and re-remember myself, trusting in emergence to sense my future, her “codification” has been most helpful and assuring.  “It takes time to assimilate what emerges.  Perhaps that explains why it often seems that after a powerful experience, nothing else happens for a long time.”  (104)

It is now early summer here in the Black Forest. The spring blossoms have passed.  Roses are blooming on “BellaThea’s” sunny terrace…their fragrance soft and sweet.  The white anemones on the hill below her house have given way to glowing yellow buttercups. The leaves have changed from that brilliant spring green to the deeper darker hue.  As I took my last train from Freiburg to Waldkirch, I saw the farmers’ fields full of workers picking the next crop…the covered mounds of white asparagus (they seldom have the green variety) and now strawberries.  Showers give way to heat and humidity that will only increase in the coming days and weeks.  It really is an abundant and glorious place.  Back home spring is just beginning, given our long, hard winter.  I may be blessed beyond to have the longest springtime of my life…spanning from early March.  Somehow I sense this would be fitting. 

Last night “BellaThea” and I visited one of her friends for an after-dinner “imbiss” of wine, light snacks, and strawberries.  I had met our host in mid March when she came for cheese fondue in between my trip to Denmark and the weekend in Paris.  It had been my first month abroad of “diving.”  Now nearly at the conclusion of this incredible journey, as I contemplate and prepare for my “move up the U,” she remarked on how I looked – relaxed and happy, with light shining through my face and eyes – and how she experienced me – comfortable, confident and at ease. 

Hmmmm….this was helpful.  This is good.  This is enough…for now…until my own knowings and words emerge from that deep cup of new impressions.

About Katharine Weinmann

living and leading with courage, clarity, compassion and creativity
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2 Responses to We All Need New Impressions

  1. sue boo says:

    kath dear,
    i will look forward to the opportunity for a deep drink at the well of your experiences, at some point, when words have come and you can discern and share how you have been indelibly recalibrated.

    until then, friend… safe journeys on your last leg of it til you arrive safely “home.”
    xo sue

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