What Are We Doing?

Right now, I write in tears and disbelief at what I have just seen.  A series of photos taken last night by my friend’s son, a photojournalist, of the rioting in Vancouver.  I am shocked.  My already broken open heart is gaping and grasping with the intensity of this huge, yet again, dis-illusionment.

What are we doing to each other?

What are we doing to our precious world?

What is this madness we are creating?

When will we stop?

Right now, my only response is to share this with you, with the same request as my friend: “Please feel free to pass this link on to anyone you think might be interested.”


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8 Responses to What Are We Doing?

  1. Connie says:

    Katharine I too am shocked by this behavior. I watched it on tv for about 3 minutes and had to turn it off. I just don’t get it.
    I hope these pictures are posted on a wall of shame. These people should be accountable and made to pay financially and with their time by physically cleaning up the property they damaged.
    I too cried by how they show such dishonour to the beautiful country we live in. Such disrespect. Such shame I feel for them.

    • I’ve heard from others saying somehow many of our youth feel they can act with no consequences…no accountability. Paradoxically, photos such at these, and social media are being used to identify and hold accountable the perpetrators. And after travelling, again I realize that “there but for the grace of God”…none of us are immune, as individuals, or countries. Our collective dis-illusionment that this too happens here in our beautiful country. Thanks for taking a moment.

  2. Terri Blair says:

    It is hard to believe that this type of rioting could happen in our polite country. I agree with the comment that people need to belong. If they don’t, there is an emptiness which is only too easily filled by the undesirable element that exists. I do feel that the strength of the positive energy in our world couldn’t be overpowered (once the shock was overcome) and the result was a multitude of people coming forward, to clean up and promote good will. We will always have the negative energy in our world, but the quick return of the positive shows how strong that force is…. and for that we can be greatful. This riot ,caused by a few, has brought out the best in the majority.
    One last comment…as a life long hockey fan, and having grown up in a hockey family….this is NOT the result of hockey fans, it is the result of negative people using a huge gathering of people to fuel mob mentality.
    Terri B

  3. Jennifer says:

    In looking at these photos and the news coverage, I noticed that most of the rioters were young men. As a teacher and a mother it makes me wonder what these people missed growing up, or how we failed them, for them to be in a place where they would act in such a deplorable manner without any second thought or concern for others.

  4. Susan Sereda says:

    This truly saddens and angers me – others in the world have to protest for basic human rights and those in the pictures do so over a hockey game result! They are missing the point and are bereft of a basic understanding of the world we live in!

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