Your Right Mind

It’s a new moon …the perfect time to reflect and make anew intentions for this next month, the last of my leave from work.  That in itself has been enough to have me catch my breath, and feel the squeeze of my diaphragm.  As I change over the calendar in anticipation and preparation, to the right I see a poem I copied one day at work, years ago, early in my career. 

Your Right Mind” was written by Marilyn Ferguson, author of that brilliant foretelling of these times, The Aquarian Conspiracy, and founder of the Brain-Mind Bulletin, a monthly cutting-edge compilation blending of science and spirit.  I’ve carried that original copy from desk to desk to desk, taped together with a note I received in my very first professional job, hand-written by my friend, Ian, reminding me, “The world is absolutely perfect, including your dissatisfaction with it and your efforts to change in.”  Later, another piece of taped wisdom from Ashleigh Brilliant, “Life is not a problem…Life is the closest God has come to a solution.”  And beside it, an old Bizarro cartoon by Dan Piraro, showing God and a housecleaner standing together in the galaxy, her feather duster poised over Earth, He saying,”…Oh don’t touch that one, I’m trying to teach them something about responsibility.”  

This curious collection, faded with time, its corners “holy” and weakened from years of tacking, moves me early this new moon morning.


To feed your right mind:


Douse the lights, douse even the candle

Speak to her gently; she’s been shunned

so long, she runs away.

Suggest, don’t expect




Let being fill up the space

of doing

So that what you’re doing

is being


Let the message emerge

from the sea of understanding

like a mermaid singing her seduction.

Think fishes, flying through dark waters.

Think night, moonlit seas, and

no moonlight at all.

Think water. Think depths, dampness.

Think subtle. Think subtler.

Think feelings.


Your wise-dame, your wisdom,

is an archivist. She knows what happened.

Just ask.

She isn’t afraid, she’s been here before.


Another kind of clarity, silvery, not stark,


Your wise-dame is your oldest ally,

your mother-wit.


Without her you are less than half yourself;

with her you are whole and ready.

Like a dolphin she is beside you

when you are goalless

and seeking only to satisfy your higher yearning.

Be attracted, addicted to life

and life’s deeper demands.

Love, don’t curse, the blind alleys

the red lights, and lost luggage.

Without guessing there’s no game.

Not “no pain no gain”

but “no love no gain.”


Your motherwit,

your wise dame

The sage speaks in patterns and pictures,

a scatter tongue. Catch as you can

her butterfly dust


But if you treasure her treasures

be loyal.

For eons she has been wooed in the dark

and spurned in the sun.

If she was with you then

she’s with you now.




and then, of course,


About Katharine Weinmann

living and leading with courage, clarity, compassion and creativity
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2 Responses to Your Right Mind

  1. Kathy T says:

    I love the stanza, Let being fill up the space of doing, so that what you’re doing is being. This reminds me of something I read in Jon Kabat-Zinn’s, Wherever you go there you are. In his chapter on voluntary simplicity, he urged us to do only one thing at a time, to be fully present, to say no more, to find that truly, less is more. Thank you for sharing this poem of release, of expectancy, of trust in oneself and the universe. The wise-dame is with us, and treasure is emerging. We are whole and ready for it. Namaste.

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