Good, Clean, Fair

That’s Slow Food’s slogan…. good, clean, fair … in reference to food, its production, distribution, preparation, and enjoyment.  Though as I pondered life at three am this morning, it seems a fitting mantra for other of life’s necessities presently tumbling around inside.

Maybe it’s the almost full moon brimming with an energy that often invigorates at odd hours.  Or the field of worldwide arousal and attention given this 10th anniversary of 9:11.  Whatever the reason, after being awake an hour, debriefing my volunteer hosting of Slow Food Edmonton’s visioning day, and this week’s events at work, I finally gave in to the growing alertness to come and write.

You might recall that within days of coming home from my three months in Europe, where Slow Food is simply the way of life, I attended our local “convivium’s” (aka “chapter”) general meeting and stepped up to design and facilitate a day wherein all the members would be invited to share their best hopes for our future.  Yesterday, Saturday, shone bright with an early morning warmth, another in our string of belated but true summer days.  It worked against us, as of the thirty or so confirmed, nineteen of us – food bloggers and journalists, chefs and cooks, activists and community builders, vinters and farmers – eventually gathered to share good stories, good food, good conversation and good thinking.  Resting in Open Space principles, I assured both the executive who helped me plan the day, and the members present, that “whoever came were the right people, and whatever happened would be the right outcome” while promising that as time was finite, we’d finish on time. 

We listened.  We laughed.  We learned from each other.   

We watched.  We wrote. 

We talked.  We tasted.

And when we finished, early, we had the makings of a fine Slow Food Edmonton future.

And I had the makings of my own.

About Katharine Weinmann

living and leading with courage, clarity, compassion and creativity
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6 Responses to Good, Clean, Fair

  1. What a beautiful post, Katharine!
    How do you do all you do – and so timely, too…. Thank you.
    Deep bow!
    (and big kiss)

  2. Kathy T says:

    Alertness, stirrings, paying attention, doing those things that engage us, choosing to be with people with whom we share values and passions. These choices guide us to our future. Blessings on this day.

  3. supersu says:

    “The future is not something we enter. The future is something we create.” –Leonard I. Sweet

    thanks for being part of MY future.

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