Playing with Emergence

Yesterday in a colleague’s office, as I waited to see her, I scanned the books on a low shelf. While the light was soft, and I didn’t retrieve my eyeglasses, several titles came into view, some more prominent than others.  Within moments, the following emerged (titles in itallics):

Upon leaving my father’s house, I danced the only dance there is, on the way to the wedding.  With seven arrows and the courage to heal, I pierced shadow and evil in the the fairy tales I had been told.  Stories for the third eye emerged.  Healing voices whispered the truth that every person’s life is worth a novel.

Today in preparation for a meeting, I wisely grabbed my tiny box of watercolours and an unlined index card on which to paint, and give myself space amidst the conversations.  Within minutes this is what emerged:

Trusting the unknown and from that place, emergence…the coherence from the disruption…the pattern from the chaos.  Small scale, yes, but the lesson remains the same.

About Katharine Weinmann

living and leading with courage, clarity, compassion and creativity
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4 Responses to Playing with Emergence

  1. Shannon says:

    In the words of Kristen Cumming, “I heart Katharine.”

  2. Terri Songbird says:

    Beautiful Katharine,,moving,, and beautiful

    size does not matter for the volume of truth is spoken in the smallest particle,, like the mustard seed

    with love for your emergence

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