You Cannot Make a Mistake

My first process painting workshop where I was guided by Natalia Rosenfeld.  I still hear her lovely Russian lyrical voice tenderly, playfully coaxing us into our Point Zero: “You cannot make a mistake.”  Last Sunday, hosting my second “Painting From Within” session, I reminded the eight curious adventurers with that same invocation. 

 “What would you paint if you could be free? Outrageous? Bad?”

“What would you paint if you had nothing to lose?”

“What would you paint if you were a child?”

White paper quickly became covered in colour, brush stroke, shape and form.  From the safety of the abstract emerged self portraits.  Preoccupation with soft colours became an urgency to those vivid and bold. 

“It’s just a piece of paper.”

“It doesn’t mean a thing.”

“Put it away and start anew.”

Energy ebbed and flowed as mind moved aside for intuition’s lead. 

“You cannot make a mistake.”

Trust trumped thought.

PS – If you’re curious, see my EVENTS page for details.  I’ve got a Waitlist for the January Sunday Session, space for the February Winter Weekend and have just booked several spring sessions.  I’d love to have you join us in the adventure!

About Katharine Weinmann

living and leading with courage, clarity, compassion and creativity
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