Tubac Village

South of Tucson, just north of the Mexican border at Nogales and nestled in the Santa Cruz valley, lies the village of Tubac, “the place where art and history meet.”  First settled by Spaniards mining silver from the nearby mountain ranges, since the end of WWII Tubac has become established as a thriving artists’ colony.  Studios and shops surround the ruins from the adobe presidio and are the current drawing card for visitors today.

Walking along paths leading to vibrant coloured pottery, metal sculpture, and glass art, and into rooms filled with jewellery, paintings, dolls, clothing and rugs, we recalled our day in Santa Fe a nearly two years ago, where, too, galleries abound, filled with every kind of art and craft imaginable.  A celebration of the creative spirit.  Rich in imagination  and diversity. 

Filled with new impressions, we made our way north back to Phoenix,  and I appreciated The Scientist’s intuition that we’d find the perfect shady rest stop off the highway to eat our picnic lunch. 

Tomorrow we head further north into the stunning red rocks and sacred energies of Sedona, this time accompanied by our friends and their Sunny dog.

About Katharine Weinmann

living and leading with courage, clarity, compassion and creativity
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2 Responses to Tubac Village

  1. Cynthia says:

    Fantastic! You’ve enticed me to go to Phoenix Katharine. My friends are always inviting us but I have never felt the urge before.
    Thanks! Cynthia

    • Arizona is as diverse as Alberta, in a 180 degree kind of way. We always loved the diverse landscapes. You’ll enjoy it, Cynthia. I thought of gathering some women to hike in the Red Rocks as a “what next” venture…keen?

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