Sedona’s Sacred Red Rocks

Standing on those sacred red rocks, I was filled with awe at their majesty and beauty.  I was deeply grateful for the means that brought us there with our dear friends.  I recalled that a year ago, I was in another deeply sacred space viewing the magnificence of Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper in Milan.  And I remembered some of this quote from somewhere, which I’d sent myself months ago, “To see the miraculous in everyday life demands that we no longer fall  into the mediocrity of the trivial, or the profanity of the cultural trance.”

We had a weekend of glorious weather, azure blue skies streaked with wisps of white cloud that provided a stunning backdrop for those clay red mountains.  We got up close and personal with the spectacular sights by taking one of Sedona’s famous Pink Jeeps, expertly handled by Marion through the Broken Arrow Trail. 

Breakfast at the locals’ favourite, the Blue Moon Café, and the Desert Flour Bakery.  A pint-full of prickly pear margaritas for lunch on the sunny balcony of  Javelina’s.  Evenings that cooled enough for jeans and the down sweater.  A half-moon and starry constellations that illuminated the vast deep, dark blue skies. 

A Sunday hike along Wilson’s Canyon, high enough to see wild flowers blooming, and to look down onto the newly green cottonwoods and sycamores along Oak Creek from the Midgley Bridge. 

A picnic lunch along a remote residential road that gave us both shelter from the weather system blowing in cold and clouds, and more stunning vistas.

Shopping gave way for process painting.  Those deep energies began to stir and we hardly slept a wink our last night, what for the waxing moon, the stars, the water flowing from the pool outside our open window and a day’s worth of being in and on those sacred red rocks.

As I type this post, I’m sitting in the warmth and sunshine, waiting on our flight delayed by the sudden spring snowstorm that awaits us when we arrive home in three short hours.  And as I contemplate this “miraculous in everyday life,”  we receive the gift of the free lunch just issued by our airline for an event beyond their control.  Now to get home in time to fetch our”kids with fur.” Given another flight delay, this will be another everyday miracle!

About Katharine Weinmann

living and leading with courage, clarity, compassion and creativity
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2 Responses to Sedona’s Sacred Red Rocks

  1. Marg Sanders says:

    Loved returning to so many favourite spots in this post with you, Katharine! There is something truly magical about this place … remind me to tell you the story about a snowy evening spent in a church there, enjoying a performance by a grammy award winner.

    • Thanks, Marg. Yes it is magical, though like all good things, it’s developed so much since we first visited over twenty years ago, that the locals who serve us all have a hard time making ends meet.

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