A year ago today I sat in Toronto’s Pearson International Airport and pressed the “publish” button on a post marking the last leg of my three month journey abroad.  While airborne, flying across the country to home, my “then” director left the voice mail message marking the end of my career as I had known it,  and the beginning of another journey.  Like the Camino that’s walked at least twice, perhaps most significantly, when we arrive home.

A woman who gives me the gifts of witness and wisdom asked how I’d fare coming to work every day, now that I’ve given notice.  I instantly knew, and immediately replied that I’d leave with my cup full, while divesting myself of what hasn’t fit or been right for me.  This is so, for my cup is already filling to overflow with the well wishes and words of encouragement, support and affirmation conveyed by so many of you in response to my last post.

Every day, in my little Zen space at work, I look above my monitor and see a verse in lovely calligraphy, gifted to me quite a few years ago by a colleague.  This week in passing, I told her of my decision and reminded her of that gift.  Given the fullness of life and the passing of time, she didn’t recall but came by to peek and remember.  I pass this forward now to you, with my deep thanks for the gifts of witness and wisdom you have given me through my journeying, abroad and here at home.


i wish for you

the color that you

bring forth in others

to greatly rise within you.


i wish you your own best strength.


i wish you always

loved ones by your side.


i wish you desired possibilities

                before you

and contentment behind you.


i wish you

the beginnings

of all your dreams

and many of the ends.


i wish you peace.

M.A. Hershey, 1998

About Katharine Weinmann

living and leading with courage, clarity, compassion and creativity
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4 Responses to wishes.

  1. Very glad I happened to catch a random twitter reference that eventually led me here. Also very glad to hear of your recent decision to walk out and walk on… I still haven’t got it all figured out yet after nearly a decade of searching and walking, but I do know this… most of our institutions and traditional societal constructs are broken…its time to walk on. Interestingly, you are about the third or fourth person I know (and these are people I admire and have great respect for) who have come to the same conclusion recently and have walked on. I don’t what is happening exactly on a global scale, and I can’t describe it, but… I can feel it. Looking forward to reading your posts over the next while.

    • Wow, Trevor, what a wonderful surprise to hear from you, via Twitter! Yes, you are spot on in your assessment, forecasted to me by Dee Hock in Birth of the Chaordic Age, and more recently Meg Wheatley’s writing. I look forward to our continued conversation. Best to you and your family. Katharine

  2. Paula's Paradise says:

    Really enjoyed the quote … M.A. (now Radmacher) Hershey is one of my most favorite artist/authors … one in the same? Excited for you and sending all best wishes!

    • Thanks so much, Paula, and lovely to have met you via Heather. Yes, one and the same because now that you’ve made the connection for me, I realize I’ve seen her work with her “now” signature. Warmly…

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