A Great Party

“Have a great party!” she encouraged, that kind and wise woman witness to my journeying these past many months.  And a week ago I did just that.  I had the party of a lifetime to celebrate the career of a lifetime. 

From MGM

The sun shone and Café Haven was filled to overflow when The Scientist and I arrived last Wednesday, June 27th, the perfect, yet purely coincidental date selected to bid farewell to my twenty-seven years with the district.  Hosted by three of my work mates, cherished colleagues spanning my career and friends came to wish me well.  Wine flowed.  Julie outdid herself creating hip, delicious and beautifully presented hors d’oeuvres that left a lasting impression on the city folks.  A spectacular floral arrangement from friends present in spirit, a bouquet of roses from one who’s gone before me, another sweet one handcrafted from freesia and mums…all in my signature orange.  Several brightly packaged gifts and cards signed by everyone.  The parting memento, the little black leather Pandora bracelet with six perfect charms: elemental flow, serendipity, smiling Buddha, yin-yang, inner strength, and the fiery orange murano glass.

I received tributes from several of my principal friends who, each in their own way, either told, read or sang their stories of our work together, and filled my heart with memories.  Having heard me say many times that “tingshas” were my legacy to the district, I received a virtual “21 tingsha salute” from iphones held on high.  A much needed levity in which to find my voice to express my deep joy, to give my heartfelt thanks, to acknowledge my steadfast, trusting and generous champions, to remind us all that we are enough, to finish well. 

Yes, a great party that was had by one and all.  A “love-in,” as one described it.  A deep bow and namaste to each of you who were there with me…in person, in spirit.  My heart is filled to overflow.

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living and leading with courage, clarity, compassion and creativity
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4 Responses to A Great Party

  1. Terry Stevens says:

    What a wonderful tribute to 27 years where I know you gave it your all. Now time to take from that experience what you loved and create the future you most desire. Congrats on your retirement

  2. Terri Blair Maracle says:

    What a wonderful send off you had. It is a really nice way to move past, what has been your life, with such good feelings. Those years become treasured memories, BUT very soon you will wonder how you ever had time to work (at an outside job) as your life will become so filled with things that make your heart sing. The flexibility of not being ‘tied’ to a 9 to 5 job will also allow you to pursue new opportunities with a spontaneity you probably haven’t had. Enjoy……and keep posting!!

    • Terri, I so appreciate words of wisdom from those who go before me. Yours, whether as I travelled through Europe, or through and into this next of life’s chapters, have been inspiring, heartening, and always welcomed. Thank you, ever. Katharine

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