“Giddy up, girl”

I love this photo.  I saw it on Facebook earlier this summer.  It so perfectly depicted last school year’s occasional knowing that all was unfolding as it should.  When I remembered it was I who had launched that desire into the Universe several years prior, and She was now simply responding in kind:

 “ Giddy up, girl.  There are new fields to frolic in and new ponies to play with.”

And so this week I found myself in several new fields playing with several new ponies.  Midweek, I participated as a small group facilitator for a corporate training event on personal accountability with Work-Life Resources.  Happy to be welcomed by the facilitating team whom I’d met during my year’s leave and had last seen just weeks before my departure for Europe.  It was an interesting day as I found my footing, finding a balance between a more traditional orientation to facilitation, and mine, a “hosting” stance wherein I tend not to wander around the periphery of, or insert myself into small group conversations.  “How do I bring value and earn my paycheque?”

On Thursday, I was invited to observe a meeting facilitated by a colleague whose specialty is social innovation and complexity.  This, in anticipation of our partnering to design and roll out the next phase of a children’s services initiative.  He’s quicksilver in his on-the-spot assessment, and in-the-moment re-jigging, and has a repertoire of brilliant metaphors that I suspect the group understood, given they’ve worked with him for the year, but that I struggled to comprehend.  And oh yeah, “Katharine, would you facilitate this next piece?”  Kind of like those carousel ponies finding their life and legs after timeless immobility.

Yesterday, I attended my first formal painting workshop since I began my practice of intuitive process painting.  My favourite medium, a pen and ink with watercolour, en plein air afternoon hosted by local artist Anne McCartney.  Another new field, more new ponies, most of whom have been making art for several years in one medium or another.  In process painting the rules are unorthodox for trained artists, yet intentional to free us from rules and constraints to spontaneous creative expression:

 NO previous painting experience is required

NO painting technique is taught

NO critique or comments are made on your work

NO mistakes ever happen!

Here, we watched Anne demo the technique and after some time on our own, where I attempted to remember and practice some critical fine points, we assembled our efforts for comment.  Whoa…this is a new field.

And in the midst, I ambled into pastures where I met ponies from a familiar herd.  We whinnied in recognition, nuzzled in affection, chewed on the grasses of good conversation, and planned our future cavortings. 

If you’re wanting to break free from the confines of your carousel, needing a pause from the merry-go-round, come play at my monthly intuitive painting workshops.  Called “Painting from Within: A Genus of Originality…Yours”  you’ll find a calm and spacious pasture, rich with colour and curious, creative familiar friends.  Click for details.

About Katharine Weinmann

living and leading with courage, clarity, compassion and creativity
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6 Responses to “Giddy up, girl”

  1. Madelon A. Smid says:

    Katherine, I needed to see that picture. It came just at the right time to give me the impetus I need to jump over some new fences and graze in some new pastures. Thank you for the inspiration. M

  2. Sue Bookchin says:

    lovely katharine. wow, all new stuff. sounds like great opportunities. will look forward to our next conversation.

    blessings, xox sue

    • Thanks so much, Sue…yes lot’s new. Though today as I slogged through a design, and then lost 4 hours work with a computer malfunction, I found myself reconsidering! Better now after pounding a good beat in the drumming circle. I’ll have to write about that one!

  3. Dieter Weinmann says:

    Love the change to very positive. Keep on playing in new fields, it’s exciting.



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