Possibilities for….

Seeing the beauty, the sacred, the bizarre and the complexity in every moment, of every day, in every person.  Humans of New York, a link sent from my dear yoga sister, Tara, who wrote, “it’s so beautiful and touching  – the photography is exquisite, the subjects so intriguing in their diversity and the captions – well, captivating!”

Pondering the tenderly simple, poetic instructions on living and loving your every day life.  Karen Maezen Miller has become my virtual Zen teacher. Her blog, Cheerio Road, and her book, Hand Wash Cold, are regular reads and re-reads.  My next big dream is to bring her here to host a meditation retreat and have the opportunity to bow deeply to her, in gratitude, in person.

Learning in the comfort of your own home, in your time.  Val Kinjerski’s Kaizen Solutions has developed a roster of online eCourses for approved continuing education credit.  I’m thrilled to have been invited to instruct, and will launch my first foray into virtual education with “The Art of Facilitation” on November 1. 

Nurturing the art of noticing.  Bentlily.com features Samantha Reynolds’ “poetry a day”, and eCourse to help us fall back in love with our lives.  I first “met” Samantha listening to my favourite program, The Road Home, an hour of country musings, spoken word, and music, masterfully created and hosted by Bob Chelmick on CKUA.

Listening to great commercial free music with almost no chatter.  One of my tech “gurus” from work told me about RadioParadise when I needed some background music to fill the cavernous space at last week’s gig.  Push the play button to groove as you work online.

Being jazzed.  Watch this TED Talk. I saw it at TedX Edmonton last spring and knew I had to use it as the design frame for  last week’s gig on facilitation.  Current, clever, and cool…it hooks.

Making a date with your creative muse.  November promises to be launch for Painting from Within: A Genus of Originality – Yours, the intuitive process painting workshops I host in Sherwood Park.  “No experience, no technique, no critique, no mistakes.”  It’s a time for you to play with paint, brushes and paper to explore and discover. One of last year’s painters wrote, “To fully realize that there were no limitations or mistakes was absolutely freeing.  I felt my inner child burst forth with tremendous enthusiasm.  What a fun way to spend a day!”




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living and leading with courage, clarity, compassion and creativity
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