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    1. Cynthia says:

      Hi Katharine,
      Just got caught up on some of your posts, Virginia’s Show, your new do, and what I am missing at your the art therapy sessions. What struck a chord for me were your frequent references to your travels and the need to hold on to some of the feelings, sensations, thoughts, inspirations that you experienced. A good reminder to me to savour my experiences and learnings here and hold on to them for my continued journey back to Edmonton.
      Cynthia, a follower

      • It’s nice to be connected with you via your postings, too, Cynthia. We both took on the adventures to journey and place ourselves in new contexts with great intention – yours, moreso as you are studying, completing your PhD, what I have always considered is a rite au passage. Though what I am clear about, recalling this from a woman I met on the road, literally as we, with her husband hiked one morning in the Cinque Terre, is that the journey often begins once we get home. They, great trekkers, walked the Camino (in fact this weekend our friend Kathy is hosting a Camino evening, we’ll bring tapas, drink sangria, listen to Oliver Schroer’s Camino, and watch The Way, a new film about the Camino with Martin Sheen – I will remember you to us all!), they were told be a wise nun on the pilgrimage that the Camino begins once you get home. So many times they would say to each other, “Hmmmmm is this your Camino?” I know it hold true for me. The real pilgrimage began the moment I arrived back in Canada.
        With affection….

    2. Dawn Lamothe says:

      HI Katharine. I recently heard about you through a friend. I was intrigued as I have not met you and your life work seems so similar in some ways. I own Lion’s Breath Yoga and am pursuing my PhD in Expressive Arts with Markus Alexander and European Graduate School. I enjoyed your piece on the deep dark safe quiet. Dawn

      • Thank you for “coming to visit” Dawn. I sense a fortuitous crossing of paths and would really like to make time to meet with you. An auspicious invitation to an auspicious new year… Warmly, Katharine

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