Panache Consulting

Helping you find “the place where your deep gladness meets the world’s deep need.” 

I’ve been in private practice since 1986.  The first iteration, with its tagline “a genus of originality… yours,” embraced constant cornerstones, now my mission: helping us live and lead with courage, clarity, compassion and creativity.

Then and now, the essence of my work would best be reflected in the words of Frederick Buechner, who defines vocation as “the place where your deep gladness meets the world’s deep need.”

Below is the current iteration:


  • coaching and retreat hosting
  • leadership development and mentoring
  • process design and group facilitation
  • intuitive painting

On my own, and in partnership with kind and skillful colleagues, I create safe and beautiful spaces for people to remember their “deep gladness,” to claim their inner wisdom, gifts and talents, and to learn and work with others to co-create meaningful and effective futures that meet the world’s “deep need.”

I welcome your inquiries.  Please contact me via:

See also About Me, and Perspectives with Panache…a page featuring the creative expressions of Panache Consulting.

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