Perspectives with Panache

…a creative expression of Panache Consulting.

In addition to collections below, any of the photos featured in my posts are available for purchase.

From the NAMASTE Collection…

After the Rain 1

After the Rain 2

Quan Yin in Winter

Winter Meditation

Stately Devotion

Namaste I

Namaste III


The Bee's Knees 2

With the passing of time

Elora's Millstone

The Master's Gift


Making Contact

Cards are $4.00 each, $35.00 for 10, plus GST, S&H.  For inquiries and orders, please see my CONTACT page.

2 Responses to Perspectives with Panache

  1. ccampbel14 says:

    Love your photos, Katharine. You see beauty all around you and these photos help us see that beauty too. I am intrigued at the names you give each picture. Do you think of these captions as you take the photos or do you contemplate them afterwards?

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